I am looking for advice on starting a career in hospice palliative care. Where would I obtain information about necessary education and training?

If hospice palliative care is a new career path for you, consider taking a volunteer education program specific to this field. These programs provide a solid foundation for palliative care, bereavement care and the interdisciplinary team approach to care. Volunteer education programs also give you work experience in the field and can help you gain a better understanding of yourself. You can find out more about volunteer education programs in For Volunteers. Here you will also find a self-assessment tool. Self-assessment, volunteer education and experience can help you decide if you are suited for a career in hospice palliative care.

Programs and Services provides the contact information for the hospice palliative care office closest to you or your provincial palliative care organization. Often, local and provincial offices offer volunteer education programs and have small lending libraries of hospice palliative care books, videos and DVDs that you can borrow to learn more about this area of work.

You can explore other educational opportunities by browsing through Courses and Conferences. Most online courses are specific to a certain profession and build on foundational learning. However, some courses are designed for broader audiences. If you have specific questions about education and training, you can send them to our Ask a Professional team.