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Titre de l’événement : Death, Dying, and Mourning: Applied Thanatology Online Graduate Certificate Program
Organisme : University of Maryland, Baltimore
Date de l’événement : janvier 26, 2015 to janvier 31, 2020
Lieu : Online program
Baltimore, Maryland, 21201
Code postal : 21201
Lien :
Personne-ressource : Michelle Pearce
Public cible : Grand public, Professionnels de la santé, Bénévoles, Autres
Catégorie : Cours en ligne
Détails :

Death, Dying, and Mourning: Applied Thanatology is a 12-credit, three-course online graduate certificate program that can be completed over the course of one year. The Winter/Spring and Fall courses are 15 weeks long and the Summer course is 8 weeks long. Participants will acquire knowledge, sensitivity, and advanced skills for providing specialized care for those dealing with death, dying, and grief. Course content will focus on the professional application of information, research, theory, and skills in the field thanatology with an emphasis on participants’ own personal development as an instrument of healing. The influence of history, culture, human development, psychology, religion, law, and ethics on contemporary attitudes and values related to death and dying will be examined. The interdisciplinary nature of these topics and the diverse course faculty will ensure an interprofessional experience for enrolled participants. The Association for Death Education and Counseling® has deemed this program as counting toward the continuing education requirements for the ADEC CT and FT programs.

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